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Police and Military

Operator Certification Courses Available

Module 1: Basic Krav Maga

Module 2: Krav Maga Knife Defenses

Module 3: Hand Gun Defenses

Module 4: Long Gun Defenses

Module 5: KMA Force Arrest & Control

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A letter from the KMA Force Director Jeremy Stafford


KMA Force

KMA Force is more than just a certification course or a curriculum with which to train the Military and Law Enforcement community, it is a guarantee of quality and commitment. In order to be accepted into the Basic KMA Civilian Force Instructor course, the candidate must already be an expert level, (Blue Belt), certified instructor in Krav Maga. In order to be accepted into the advanced course, the instructor must already be a certified Brown Belt Instructor. This narrows the pool considerably, but we strive for quality, not quantity. Once in the basic program, the instructor undergoes an intense 50 hour certification process that includes weapon retention, arrest and control, instruction in the legality of the use of force, exposure to OC spray and even a five second ride on a TASER. This program is about credibility and context. There are many Krav Maga instructors out there, but how many of them have taken a blast of OC in the face, fought off an aggressive-combative suspect and then had to deploy a sidearm? Well, if you’re attending a certified KMA Force school, your instructor has. The brutal certification that these instructors have earned through us means that they understand the complex issues that modern LEOs and even members of the Armed Forces operating under restrictive ROEs (Rules of Engagement), must deal with on a daily basis. This means that when you train under these instructors, they can put the TTPs (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures), that you will learn in the proper context, ensuring that the training you receive is relevant, effective and will keep you safe on the street and in the courtroom.

Our commitment to the Military and Law Enforcement communities doesn’t end with the training we provide. We are committed to the Warrior communities and are continuously looking for ways to give back, including fund raisers, volunteerism and participation in Military and Police support organizations. We depend on our Military and Police to keep us safe, you can depend on us for support.

Whether it’s conducting a Law Enforcement seminar, working with deploying Military personnel, or raising money for wounded warriors, our commitment to you is unwavering. Come train with us and see the difference for yourself.

Jeremy Stafford
Director, KMA Force

Law Enforcement Training

We are the only location in Orange County with a dedicated military/law enforcement program. We have our own training facility designed specifically for today’s law enforcement personnel. We have two certified KMA Force training Instructors here at our location. They are certified to teach any level of Law Enforcement or military groups Krav Maga techniques. Our LE program focuses on weapon retention in and out of the holster, ground techniques and a comprehensive arrest and control module.

Costa Mesa / Newport Beach Dedication Ceremony

Costa Mesa / Newport Beach Dedication Ceremony


This incredible Police Officer gave the ultimate sacrifice to the people he swore to protect. While I did not personally know him I am thankful for his dedication and leadership. I have a very close personal friend, mentor, Hero and role model who is on the LAPD SWAT team and I know the sacrifice these men give every day of their life knowing it may be their last.

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  • Basic Pistol Course 9/27/15

  • Real Estate Agent Self Awareness & Defense Seminar


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