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Adult Student Manual



American Krav Maga Federation

Course of study for Black Belt First Degree


Code Of Conduct


-Students will always demonstrate courtesy,

respect  and a positive attitude within the center.

-Students will be respectful of the Instructor’s class and be on time.

-Students will respect others in class and keep their comments to themselves or for the Instructors.

-Students will observe the following dress codes at all times : BCKM t-shirt, and shorts or pants to be worn on the mat.

-Students will attempt to refrain from usage of profanity.

-There is a zero tolerance for sexual harassment within the BCKM family. Everyone deserves the right to train in a fun, safe and non-threatening environment.

-Students will bring a towel to keep themselves dry for the benefit of their partner.

-Students will keep their personal hygiene at a level that is pleasing to others. (ie. shower, brush teeth, wear deodorant, and wear a clean outfit.)

-Students will always give 150% in class and exercise coachability at all times.



The following timelines are only approximates and are based upon students training an average of two times per week.  Again, please be mindful that students often progress through the system at different paces.


YELLOW BELT :       3 Months


ORANGE BELT:       3 Months


GREEN BELT:          6 Months


BLUE BELT:              12 Months


BROWN BELT:         12 Months


BLACK BELT  I :       12 Months Minimum


BLACK BELT II :       24 Months


From Green Belt to Black Belt, there are 3 pre-tests, 3 months apart, for each belt.







KM Level 1:               White Belt Curriculum


KM Level 2:               Yellow Belt Curriculum


KM Level 3:               Orange Belt Curriculum


KM Level 4:               Green Belt Curriculum


KM Level 5:               Blue Belt Curriculum


KM Level 6:               Brown Belt Curriculum


KM Level 7:               Black Belt Curriculum

Testing Requirements:


Each belt has both a class requirement and a duration requirement.  Class requirement is the number of classes, and duration requirement is the length of time training.

Belt Classes Fight Class Duration


Yellow                                30               None                  3 months


Orange                              30                 4                      3 months


Green                               60                 4                      6 months


Blue Pre-Test  #1          25                  4                       3 months

Blue Pre-Test #2           25                 4                       3 months

Blue Pre Test #3           25                 4                       3 months


Brown Pre-Test #1        25                   8                      3 months

Brown Pre-Test #2        25                  8                      3 months

Brown Pre-Test #3        25                  8                      3 months


Black Pre-Test #1          25                 8                    3 months

Black Pre-Test #2          25                8                      3 months

Black Pre-Test #3          25                8                      3 months


Pre-tests are a requirement for Blue, Brown and Black belts.





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