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Our Instructors

Our Instructors & Staff Members

Our Instructors have spent many years devoted to training in the art of Krav Maga and other martial arts and have attained a certain level of expertise to qualify them as teachers and also mentors.

For more information about the Beach Cities Krav Maga Family Self Defense Centers staff or training programs, please contact us at 714-375-4567 or by clicking here.

Beau  Durocher
Beau Durocher - (Master)
Master Beau Durocher has been training in the martial arts for the last twenty three years. Beau holds multiple levels of Black Belts in several systems including Tang Soo Do, Hapkido and Krav Maga. Beau is the US Chief Instructor for AIKMA (Authentic Israeli Krav Maga Academy). Beau is a certified Law Enforcement and Military Instructor for Krav Maga under several organizations. While having never served in either he utilizes his expertise in martial arts to offer practical solutions to officer safety and trainng methods.  Mr Durocher is also one of the founding members of the American Krav Maga Federation this organization was established to rank students thru an association of like minded Krav Maga school owners and there students schools. The system of Krav Maga taught at these locations includes several other systems of martial arts including Tang Soo Do, Hapkido, Jujitsu, Kali-Escrima and Judo. Beau has been involved in all aspects of running a martial arts school since he was 15 years old. He has participated in many tournaments, shows, seminars and special events over the years. He is very passionate about teaching children and adults self defense. He feels that anything that he can do to help prepare his students for success in a future conflict whether it be physical or personal then he has suceded. Beau and his Wife Rebecca have three beautiful children. Each one trains at the center and is the most important thing to Mr D and his wife.

Rebecca  Durocher
Rebecca Durocher - (Owner)
Rebecca is excited to help in any way possible to make all members and their families welcome here at BCKM Inc. Rebecca is an amazing and supportive wife and best friend. When she is not trekking around town with their children she plays a vitla role in keeping operations running smoothly.

Alex  Suarez
Alex Suarez - (Program Director / Instructor)
Alex Suarez is the Program Director of our Costa Mesa location. His youthful enthusiasm and passion for making men, women and children safer is contagious. He is an amazing athlete and also an excellent teacher. Alex is very invloved in the film and acting industry and can be seen in several films and commericals. 

Stan  Hill
Stan Hill - (Lead Krav Maga Black Belt Instructor)
Stan is one of three Lead Instructors here. He has been involved in the martial arts for most of his adult life. One of the aspects of training that Stan most enjoys is the varied locations, training at the park, beach, in alleys, as well as at the studio. He loves instructing so that he is able to push students farther than they thought possible. Stan likes trying new foods, traveling, and always increasing his knowledge of Krav Maga.

Terrance  Lawrence
Terrance Lawrence - (Lead Krav Maga Black Belt Instructor)
"T" as we call him here is one of two Lead Instructors here. He is involved in the military and therefore relates very well to the needs of our military and law enforcement students here. T is a great leader and motivator.

Jimmy  D
Jimmy D - (Black Belt Instructor)
Jimmy D. is a Black Belt instructor. He brings an energy and passion to teaching that is rarely matched. Jimmy was previously in the military and holds a high standard of dedication, hard work and perserverance. Jimmy is known for helping others to success, through his positive attitude and encouragment.

Alicia  Domercq
Alicia Domercq - (Program Director / Lead Instructor)
Alicia is both a Kids and Adult Instructor. She is very involved in her training and a dedicated student. She brings a great sense of fun and hard work to her classes. Alicia is the Program Director and Lead childrens instructor at our HB location. 

Ken  Garcia
Ken Garcia - (Instructor)
Ken Garcia was brought onto the staff for his amazing charisma and passion for life. His classes were known to be some of the toughest classes offered. His passion for teaching and making people safe was second to none. Unfortunately Ken was taken from us earlier this year 2012. Ken is survived by his wife and young son. Ken's son is a student here and will carry on his Fathers passion for the martial arts. Ken you are missed and we love you brother. May God bless your memory and family.

Doug  Martin
Doug Martin - (Firearms Instructor / Assistant LE/Military Instructor)
Doug has been a police officer for over 17 years. A founding member of the Los Angeles Police Department's elite Wilshire CRASH unit, he currently serves as Team Leader on the Huntington Beach Police Department SWAT team. He has been both a member and supervisor of protective details for celebrities, executives and high-profile court witnesses. He is also a firearms training instructor, protective/defensive driving instructor, and a patrol/SWAT tactics instructor. He has performed in numerous films and television commercials as a precision driver and stuntman, and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild. He was most recently seen on Nat Geo.

Nick  Graham
Nick Graham - (Instructor)
Nick's extensive training background provides him with the drive to teach others Krav Maga. He strives to not only emphasize the physical aspects of Krav, but the mental aspects as well. He understands the dangers of violent encounters, and wants to provide his students with the skills to make the right choices to go home safe. He believes we must train hard, and fight hard to prepare, because there are no second chances or do overs in the street.

Christine  Kormanik
Christine Kormanik - (Black Belt Instructor)
Christine is a mother, attorney, and krav instructor who loves training and spending time with her children.  The practicality of getting fit while at the same time learning to protect oneself immediately drew Christine to Krav Maga.  As an adult, kids and Little Dragons instructor, she enjoys that she is able to empower others to find strength and confidence in themselves.

Jason  Devening
Jason Devening - (Instructor)
Jason has been teaching in both our childrens and adult classes. He brings a background in traditional martial arts and also kickboxing. He and his wife recently welcomed there brand new baby girl into this world. Jason is a great instructor and hard working role model for his students.

Melissa  Ioja
Melissa Ioja - (Fitness Coordinator / Instructor)
Melissa is the creator of the Krav Hiit program. She is a fitness model, Instructor, and business owner. She is also a mother of two and wife. Melissa somehow balances out her tie and still has time for Krav Maga, and teaching Krav Hiit classes. Her videos have inspired many people all over the globe. They can be viewed on Youtube by searching for Melissa Ioja, BodyRock, and most recently she is a new host on Athlean XX for women.

Ashlee  Choate
Ashlee Choate - (Fitness Instructor)
Ashlee is one of our awesome Krav Hiit instructors and Krav Maga students. She is a great motivator and oushes her classes hard. Ashlee and her husband Lucas are both members here at our facility.

Dong  Pham
Dong Pham - (Instructor)
Dong has a personality all his own. He has a way of making you feel welcome whether it is your first time or you see him eveyday. Dong teaches our adult classes each week and brings a new approach to each class.

Dave  Cook
Dave Cook - (Instructor)
Dave is a beast. He has a huge heart and is a force to be reckoned with on the mat. He loves to see the beginner student go thru the process and make it into intermediate classes. Dave teaches on a weekly basis and always brings his best.

Dawn  Conrad
Dawn Conrad - (Instructor)
Dawn has been helping with our childrens classes for over two years. She has a heart of gold and loves helping the kids progress and become stronger and more confidant. Dawn can also be seen assisting in adults classes and helping run our womens self defense classes. She has been a great assest to our facility.

McKenna  M.
McKenna M. - (Assistant Instructor)
McKenna is a second degree Junior Black Belt in our childrens program and is now working on her adult ranks. She is an awesome athlete and great role model to the young ladies. She is currently an assistant instructor in the childrens program, but she is quickly moving up the ladder.

Grace  D.
Grace D. - (Assistant Instructor)
Grace is a first degree black belt in our childrens program. She has a powerful gift as a leader and loves assisting in the kids classes. Grace is an excellent student in school and also a very good martial artist. She loves teaching and helping the kids become better.

Guy  Glimpse
Guy Glimpse - (MOI / Assistant Instructor)
Guy is our official Minister of Infomation. Guy has accomplished more in Krav Maga in the last few years and has done it better then most of our youngsters. Guy is an excellent motivator and he makes sure that no one in the facility goes unnoticed. Guy is the one that makes every new student feel welcome and is sure to plug you in with other students. Guy is an excellent practicioner and also very good at making corrections and helping prepare students for testing.